French for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Course background

French is a major international language. It is the first language of more than 100 million people across the world, while more than 60 million people speak French as a second language. Studying with us will give you the chance to become a fluent linguist and, with our professional trainers, an opportunity to experience, working in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry with confidence.

French speaking tourists are now flooding East Africa as a tourist destination and it is an added advantage for these Travellers to be served and interact with people who speak their language. This makes their experience more meaningful and memorable. While doing this Language course with us, we will ensure that you develop the necessary skills to manage operations and businesses in areas including hospitality, tourism, cultural heritage, festivals and events. And if you are a tourist guide, always in the field with tourists, this will be a bonus for you as you will be able to guide tourists in the language they understand and your interaction will be awesome. For those in the hospitality industry, learning the French language will enable you make guests at the hotel feel at home.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to French
  2. Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality
  3. Service Encounter in the Hospitality Industry
  4. Guiding Tourists in French
  5. Marketing

Who should attend

Tour Operation Managers, Tour Operation Administrators, Supervisors, Tourist Guides, Hotel Employees

Duration: 3 months

Registration is done on a first-come-first-served basis. If you miss out on the first batch/group, then you apply to join the next batch/group.




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