Diploma in Wildlife Management & Conseveration

Tourism Institute of East Africa is proud to introduce a Diploma in Wildlife Management & Conservation. While tourism is developing in Africa, there is need to protect and conserve wildlife and nature. Thousands of lions, elephants and other wildlife are killed annually reducing the population of wildlife in Africa. The new wave of Tourism Development is not looking at Sustainable Tourism; rather developers are looking at short-term benefits at the expense of long-term effects on the ecology.

The Diploma in Wildlife Management & Conservation is intended to equip students with practical skills to manage wildlife, but also help conserve nature and the environment where wildlife lives.

We will help you discover how to manage Wildlife and Conservation in any global setting. This Diploma will give you a broad based introduction to wildlife management that can be applied to all types of wildlife around the globe. At Tourism Institute of East Africa, we aim to give you the skills to determine and consider ways in which environments and ecosystems can be protected. Wildlife management is the manipulation of wild animal populations and their habitats for the benefit of both humans and wildlife.

The course establishes sound Wildlife Management skills, practices and knowledge.  More importantly the course will help you develop problem solving skills that are respected by employers but, not often found by other graduates on competency based courses. This course will give you a very solid foundation in the principals of Wildlife Management and also, help you to develop your practical skills.



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