Tourism Incubation Center

Tourism Institute of East Africa opened the first Tourism & Hospitality Incubation Center in Africa meant to address the need of start-ups in travel, tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses. The incubation center creates an environment for new businesses in overcoming difficulties in the early years of business life.

The incubation center offers variety of support to entrepreneurs in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industry. The incubator provides the environment for an enterprise whose activities accelerates the product development and increases the livelihood of business development for people involved in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure.

The Incubation Center at Tourism Institute of East Africa:

  • Help entrepreneurs overcome constraints to enterprise growth such as; regulatory barriers, lack of information, and lack of access to credit/capital.

  • Accelerates the rate at which entrepreneurs learn core elements of business planning, by providing informational interchanges, technical and management assistance, seminars and workshops.

  • Supports small and medium sized tourism, hotel and restaurant businesses in the establishment and growth.

We partner with different organizations and companies to offer comprehensive support entrepreneurs.


We have an intensive 10 days practical program of study and 6 months of mentorship for those who are ready to start-up businesses in: Travel, Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure. We providing a real world, hands-on learning experience on how to successfully start a company and business.

To start your own company at TIEA, all you need is an idea and a passion for the business you intend to start, the rest we handle.  No need for a business planIn contrast to other approaches to incubation, you don’t need a business plan to begin the Start-up learning Program and our methodology is practical, simple and quick. We prioritize the essentials right from the start and what matters most is the strength of your business idea and the market viability of your product or service. While on the program, Entrepreneurs receive action-oriented teaching and lecturing sessions, and then spend most of their time outside of TIEA talking to customers, partners, and competitors by using our customer development model and business model. You will learn the different approaches and techniques to market the tourism & hospitality business that is more intangible.

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