Frequently Asked Questions about studying @ Tourism Institute of East Africa (TIEA)

Studying tourism management at UWS provides you with so much more than just classes and assessments. You gain valuable insights into the important areas of sustainable business practice as well as environmental management and cultural heritage from academics with valued knowledge and experience in the field. Our courses offer you practical experience in your chosen field. You will develop a holistic understanding of tourism that is unique in Ugandan Universities and colleges. And this is just the beginning!

Here are some questions answered for you that may cover what you want to ask us:

What previous subjects at school will help me with my course at TIEA

There are no subjects at school that are essential for studying tourism. But you should be interested and have some knowledge in: geography, history, business studies and languages, communication. These may not only assist your learning in tourism, travel and hospitality management but also add to your skills for greater work prospects.

Have lecturers and tutors worked in tourism – what experience do they have?

The lecturers and tutors who are involved in tourism management represent every sector of tourism both within Australia and internationally. They have extensive and ongoing experience in their fields of tourism focus and maintain strong industry contacts that assist students to obtain work internships and positions after the completion of their degree. The lecturers are often called on by tourism organizations and businesses to undertake consultancy work and they are active researchers.

Is there a work placement component to the course?

Yes! It is extremely important for you to obtain as much experience as possible prior to graduation. All this adds significantly to the success you achieve. For this reason there is an internship within the Bachelor of Tourism Management that consists of 400 hours of approved industry experience. This may be negotiated by yourself or through the work placement co-coordinator in an area that interests you. There is also opportunity to add one semester to your degree and work in the field full-time midway through your course. The degree is very flexible. This can also involve undertaking an international study exchange.

Are there other ways I can obtain practical experience while studying at TIEA?

Yes there are. It is up to you. One way this is done for all students is to develop your skills for industry through assessments that focus on presentations, case studies, report writing and research.

With the lecturers' experiences supporting you there are many opportunities to gain this practical experience. We also bring in many guest lecturers from government and industry, tourists, entrepreneurs etc.

What jobs can I pursue after I finish my course?

Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Industry is an extraordinarily diverse field of study and work. The great thing about our courses is that they provide you with a broad understanding and application of the numerous sectors of tourism and then provides you with the opportunity to focus on your particular area of interest. There is no limit to what you can do! To see examples of career paths look at our web site on courses.

What makes the courses at TIEA different from elsewhere?

At Tourism Institute of East Africa, we blend PRACTICAL (60%) and THEORY (40%)

Who is Eligible to Apply?

All those that have completed their Senior Four (S.4) or its equivalent (for certificates) and those that have completed Senior Six (S.6) or its equivalent for Diploma courses.

Those already in the industry but have never received any formal training, TIEA has designed a program to cater for such people.

For non-English Speaking students, 3 months language training is required before they start their studies.

Will you help me find a job?

Yes! We will do whatever we can to help you find work in the industry and job placement assistance is for life! As a TIEA graduate we are happy to provide life time placement assistance. All of our current job opportunities are posted on this web site under "Career Support Unit” its password protected for TIEA students and Alumni.  If you have forgotten the password and username, please contact the Institute.

When the industry comes in to recruit we post all the details on our home page under "News" on the home page.  We send out regular email announcements to TIEA students and Alumni so make sure we have your current email address and working telephone number.

For information about employment opportunities in the industry, please feel free to contact one of our staff by telephone or come in for a visit.

Will TIEA guarantee me a job after I graduate?

Sorry, we can't guarantee employment as it is against our policy. While you receive an excellent level of education and training, your employability will depend on your work ethic, attitude and interview style which we take you though. These are points that we continually highlight during the entire educational experience to prepare students to enter the workforce. 

What kind of jobs can I get?

Depending on the program that you take, you can get any type of job in the Travel, Tourism or Hospitality Industries - ultimately the opportunities are endless. Jobs with Airlines, Cruise Lines, Hotels, Resorts, Tour Companies, Travel Agencies, Adventure Tourism Companies, Tour Operators, Rail Companies, Environmental organizations, National Parks, Tour Guides, Travel Information Counselors, and Travel Writers - the opportunities are endless! 

How much does a program cost?

Each program's tuition varies. Click here to view our Fees Structure.

How many students are in a class?

All TIEA classes typically have a class maximum of 30 students. Average sizes will range anywhere from 10 to 20 students depending on the program and start date. 

Does the Institute own a Hostel for Students?

TIEA does not own a hostel but it has partnered with hostel owners to take there students who may want to use a hostel and price quotes can be obtained from the office.

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