Internship Program

Tourism Institute of East Africa in partnership with  Explore Africa Safaris and other Tour Operators, Hotels, airlines, Travel Agencies and Tourism Destinations, has designed a unique comprehensive, hands-on 2-3 months internship for students that have completed Bachelors Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure related courses. The Internship Program exposes students to the real life in the industry. The internship involves but is not limited to real time communication with potential tourists who  inquire about different tour packages, tour guiding experiences in the national parks, and other tourism destinations, hotel bookings, planning, developing itineraries, report writing, office etiquettes, management, administration, personal grooming, business English, exhibition and conference management, among others.

Interns are required to visit different national parks and other tourist destinations. At the end of the program, good performing interns are shortlisted and their CVs entered in Tourism Institute of East Africa's database for jobs  inquiries and should any employer make any inquiries about job openings, the interns are highly recommended by the institute. At the end of the program, interns are not only given internship letters, but they are also given certificates for having completed an Internship Training Practical Program in different fields. The certificate opens doors for students who have gone through TIEA's intensive and practical training program that many employers are always looking for.

Employers send inquiries to Tourism Institute of East Africa's Job Placement Support program looking for different highly trained personnel to take on entry level, supervisory and managerial positions in the tourism & hospitality sectors. Employers are not hiring people who are ignorant about what they are going to do, they are hiring people who  can demonstrate their skills. We are living in an age where companies, businesses are as much as possible maximizing profits and minimizing expenses, so there is no way a private entity would hire someone who would take up 60-80% of the company's resources and only get 20% input from the new employee due to lack of skills and professionalism. Universities and other tertiary institutions are making money off students and they do not care about connecting with corporations, companies, organizations  for jobs.

Unemployment is biting graduates from all sides, and nobody seems to be caring about the cry of those who have spent over 15 years investing in education which they thought was their future, only to graduate with a paper that can not help one create jobs, or be employable.

If you are reading, this article you are the lucky one, because at Tourism Institute of East we do it differently. Students who have gone through our trainings, have not had any problems getting internship placement and also job placement through our networks.

Our 2 months program run as follows:

1. February - April

2. March - May

3. April - June

4. May - July

5. June - August

6. October - December

Register for the next Internship Program. You can send your e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/whatsapp us at: +256 703747685.







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